This is a series of motion photos.

When I walk down the street and pass by someone, I feel that someone is a “cool person”, “a beautiful person”, or “a person like a scene from a movie”. The moment when my heart moved like that is only a moment. At that time I took a picture while walking in the moment when I passed each other. By the way, a momentary “ISSHUN(= a moment, japanese)” is a unit of time that comes from Buddhism, and according to “Makasogiritsu”, one ISSHUN is 20th (1st = 0.018 seconds), which is 0.36 seconds. With that in mind, I adjusted the shutter speed of camera and took the picture. These are pictures of the moment when I walk and the person who is moving pass each other, and the moment when my heart moves. I took pictures with no viewfinder while walking.